Leaked: Intel Xeon W Sapphire Rapids Workstation Processor Lineup

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Intel's upcoming Xeon W "Sapphire Rapids" HEDT/Workstation-class processor lineup has had its SKU table leaked prior to its launch. The lineup is divided into two series: the Xeon W-2400 series and the Xeon W-3400 series.

The Xeon W-2400 series features a modest range of CPU core-counts, with the lowest model having 6 cores and 12 threads, and the highest model having 24 cores and 48 threads. Simultaneously, the new Xeon W processor has created brand series such as w9, w7, and w5 to distinguish product positioning, making it easier for users to find the desired product. Xeon W-3400/W-2400 series processors have exceptional scalability, bringing more powerful performance, thanks to a breakthrough new computing design, faster cores, and new Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) packaging technology.

These processors are characterized by a 4-channel DDR5 memory interface with 8 sub-channels, and a 64-lane PCIe Gen 5 I/O. In contrast, the Xeon W-3400 series has a wider range of core-counts, ranging from 12 cores and 24 threads to 56 cores and 112 threads, which nearly maxes out the core-count of the "Sapphire Rapids" MCM. These processors boast an impressive 8-channel (16 sub-channel) DDR5 memory interface and a 112-lane PCIe Gen 5 I/O.

Despite the powerful capabilities of the Xeon W-3400 series, the lineup offers a surprisingly low starting price of $360 for the base model of the Xeon W-2400 series. The highest-end SKU of the W-2400 series is priced at $2,189, while the W-3400 series ranges between $1,189 for the base 12-core/24-thread part and $5,889 for the top 56-core part. It is important to note that all models in the lineup offer ECC memory support.

Leaked: Intel Xeon W Sapphire Rapids Workstation Processor Lineup

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