JONSBO Shadow ARGB PLUS series is an all-in-one water cooling solution with gleaming tubes

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JONSBO has released the "SHADOW ARGB PLUS" series of all-in-one water cooling systems that include addressable RGB LEDs incorporated into the water tube in addition to the water block and cooling fan, as well as the water block and cooling fan. The body is painted white, and there are two different radiator sizes to choose from: 240 mm and 360 mm.

The illumination of the water block portion is completed with an infinity mirror, and the heat-receiving base, which is entirely composed of copper, has a micro fin structure consisting of 90 sheets of copper. Twelve channels and corrugated fins will be included in the design of the radiator.

Approximately 120 mm wide, 120 mm deep, and 25 mm thick. The fan's rotation speed ranges from 800 to 1,800 rpm plus 10%, the air volume ranges from 30.5 to 71 CFM, and the noise level is 35.7 dBA or less, according to the manufacturer. The water block measures 67mm in width, 93mm in depth, and 46mm in height, with a rotation speed of 2,500rpm + 10% and a noise level of less than 30dBA. The water block is also available in other sizes.

The radiator is 120mm wide, 394mm deep, and 27mm high for the 360mm model, and 120mm wide, 274mm deep, and 27mm high for the 240mm model. The radiator is 120mm wide, 394mm deep, and 27mm high for the 360mm model. Intel LGA1200 / 115x / 775/1366/2011 / (-3) and AMD Socket 754/939 / AM2 (+) / AM3 (+) / AM4 / FM1 / FM2 (+) are among the platforms that are supported.


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