Internet Explorer 9 Beta out for grabs

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Microsoft has released the beta for the newest version 9.0 of their ever-so-popular Internet Explorer browser. The beta has all the features that will be seen come release, but does not however have the updated version 9 UI. You can download the beta here. Version 9 has some important new things about it. For starters, there is support for HTML 5 and CSS 3, and a new JavaScript engine. IE9 also has an "Acid Test" feature that will let you test the compatibility and compliance of a website with IE9. Additionally, this new browser is programmed to use your GPU much better: IE9 uses your computer's GPU to enhance hardware scalable vector graphics (SVG), JavaScript performance, and HTML5 performance.

IE9 packs a lot of enhancements and features such as HTML5 support, hardware acceleration graphics rendering using Direct2D, hardware accelerated text rendering using DirectWrite, hardware accelerated video rendering using Media Foundation, new streamlined and simplified address and navigation bar, faster JavaScript, better CSS3 compliant support, SVG1.1 standards support, embedded ICC v2 or v4 color profiles support via Windows Color System, and more.

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