Intels Xe Dedicated Graphics card finds it way to pre-built PCs

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It's a rather silent and particular release, but we wrote a while ago already that Intel would be releasing its entry-level solution dedicated cards injected through system builders, and that just happened. 

The first PC equipped with a dedicated GPU from Intel is now on sale. The machine is available for purchase through Best Buy and listed as dedicated Intel Xe graphics.  The CyberpowerPC is fully fitted with Intel hardware: based on a 6-core / 12-thread Core i5-11400F processor the PC is paired with an Intel Iris Xe (DG1) graphics card with 80 Execution Units (640 shading cores) The card has 4 GB of 4,266 MHz LPDDR4X memory and a 128-bit memory bus. So that's good for 68 GB/s of bandwidth. The card is listed at a TDP of 30W. 

Everything screams entry-level GPU here, it however should be able to play a game or two at Full HD. Unfortunately, Intel has not seeded the card to media, so nobody knows anything about the final performance, image quality, and all other variables. Leaked yet early benchmarks indicated the card to be at the level of the AMD Radeon RX 550.

The second half of this year could become more interesting if and when Intel launches its Intel Xe DG2 GPUs.

Intels Xe Dedicated Graphics card finds it way to pre-built PCs

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