Intel Would be Working on NUCs with 28 Watt Quad Core procs

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As the title states, Intel would have a new series of NUC in the works, and they would be equipped with Coffee lake (14nm) based processors that consume as much as just 28 Watts under load.

So that TDP is a step up from the current 15 Watt ones, also quad-cores yet based on Kaby Lake. It seems with the increased TDP some more performance is in the works. It is also rumored that there would be a gaming NUC in the pipeline, according to Fannlesstech. Intel would be fitting several procs into the NUCs ranging from a Core i3 quad-core without hyper threading, and a core i5 and i7 model with Hyper-threading. Intel recently already announced the 15 Watt models, these are based on a Kaby lake refresh:

We're hearing that three "Coffee Lake U" models are in the works for Q2 2018.

✓ *th Generation C*re i3 Processor (CFL-U) 4c/4t 28W TDP
✓ *th Generation C*re i5 Processor (CFL-U) 4c/8t 28W TDP
✓ *th Generation C*re i7 Processor (CFL-U) 4c/8t 28W TDP

Additionally, the popular Skull Canyon gaming NUC is finally getting an eDRAM-laden sequel.

Intel Would be Working on NUCs with 28 Watt Quad Core procs

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