intel teases Hitman 3 and The Riftbreaker with XeSS super resolution technology

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As part of a broadcast on YouTube starring Roger Chandler (Intel's VP and General Manager of Client Graphics Products and Solutions) shows a demo on Xess. Although only low-quality 1920x1080 footage are available at the time of writing, Intel has promised to share 4K XeSS videos in the future.

In order to run the game, a new Glacier Engine was developed, which has been proven to allow ray tracing at some time in the future. Unfortunately, this technology has not yet been included into the game, nor have any other high-resolution technologies such as NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR, despite the fact that the game incorporates AMD FidetlityFX CAS technology (Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening).

However, it appears that the next-generation game update, which will include super-resolution and ray tracing, will be released next year in conjunction with the Intel Arc Alchemist discrete GPU series. After all, Intel is under no obligation to provide this technology, which would also improve performance on competitor GPUs, at this time, as XeSS could be supported by both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, assuming that both firms are interested.

Lisa Pearce demonstrated a XeSS demo, which included a game called The Riftbreaker, to the audience (VP of Architecture, Graphics, and Software at Intel). Developed by Exor Studios, a Polish firm, this game is the first to have AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), which was added to the game until recently in June of this year. Having stated that, Riftbreaker would be the first game to have support for FSR and XeSS technologies. Unfortunately, the video is rather grainy (because to the low bitrate) and it is difficult to notice any distinctions between native and XeSS without focusing on the finer elements.

intel teases Hitman 3 and The Riftbreaker with XeSS super resolution technology

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