Intel Ireland fab begins volume production of Intel 4 chips

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Intel marked a significant milestone today with the introduction of Intel 4 technology, featuring extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology, marking the inaugural utilization of EUV in high-volume manufacturing (HVM) within Europe. This pivotal moment signals the future for Intel's forthcoming Intel Core Ultra processors, codenamed Meteor Lake, which will catalyze the development of AI-capable PCs.

Additionally, it sets the stage for the next-generation Intel Xeon processors scheduled for release in 2024, leveraging the Intel 3 process node.

EUV technology, harnessed in the production of Intel 4, enjoys widespread adoption across cutting-edge semiconductor technology nodes that empower demanding computational domains, including artificial intelligence (AI), advanced mobile networks, autonomous driving, and emerging data center and cloud applications. EUV assumes a pivotal role in facilitating Intel's ambitious objectives of delivering five nodes within a four-year timeframe and reestablishing technological leadership by 2025.


“I am proud of the Intel team as well as our customers, suppliers and partners who worked with us to bring this moment to life and keep us on the path back to process leadership,” said Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO. “The Silicon Isle has always been core to our long-term strategy, and today’s opening of Fab 34 contributes to the EU’s goal of creating a more resilient and sustainable semiconductor supply chain.”

A More Sustainable, Resilient and Secure Global Supply Chain

The opening of Fab 34 in Leixlip, Ireland, combined with Intel’s planned wafer fabrication facility in Magdeburg, Germany, and planned assembly and test facility in Wrocław, Poland, will help create a first-of-its-kind end-to-end leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing value chain in Europe. As the home for industries at the vanguard of technology – AI, telecommunications, data center, automotive and others – Europe needs a resilient leading-edge semiconductor supply chain. Intel is committed to helping Europe realize its technological ambitions and, in turn, to building a global semiconductor supply chain that is resilient and geographically balanced.


“Intel’s Ireland operations are a cornerstone of our global manufacturing footprint, and an important part of building an end-to-end semiconductor manufacturing value chain in Europe,” said Keyvan Esfarjani, executive vice president and chief global operations officer at Intel. “As we continue to advance our 17-billion-euro investment, this marks a significant milestone and a win for our Ireland operations as it brings Intel’s latest and greatest Intel 4 technology utilizing EUV to Fab 34, Ireland and Europe.”

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