Intel i9-10900K performance increase upto 30% higher than 9900K

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Asia based IT House on January 1 reported that a digital blogger @MebiuW showed a picture suspected to be an official Intel document. The data showed that Intel's upcoming i9-10900K performance would be 1.3 times that of the previous generation i9-9900K.

As can be seen from the figure below, under the same configuration, the performance of Intel Comet Lake i9-10900K will be 1.3 times that of i9-9900K. The small print in the figure also indicates that the test was made on November 4th, and may change in the future.

According to previous reports, the i9-10900K is 10 cores and 20 threads, has 20 MB of cache, and the basic frequency is 3.7GHz. With a new Thermal Velocity Boost technology, a single core can be accelerated to 5.3GHz and a full core frequency. Up to 4.9GHz.

For a long time, Intel's i9-9900K (s) has been hailed as the best gaming CPU. Although the 10th generation version has not replaced the 10nm process, this 30% improvement will still give enthusiasts the motivation to update.

Intel i9-10900K performance increase upto 30% higher than 9900K

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