Intel Determined to bring gamers millions of Intel ARC GPUs each year

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When it comes to GPUs, the situation has reached rock bottom, with interesting GPUs selling out instantly or at exorbitant prices, and brands releasing products that would never have existed in a normal market, 

Pat Gelsinger suggests that Intel address the issue with the launch of their Arc GPUs. If Intel is successful in this endeavor, it will considerably expand the supply of this market, which is experiencing unprecedented demand. Unfortunately, this is difficult to execute in practice, as the chip scarcity impacts not just the PC sector, but any company that requires the use of chips. 

This is a huge issue for PC gamers and the industry at large. @IntelGraphics is working hard to find a path towards the mission - getting millions of Arc GPUs into the hands of PC gamers every year

It is unknown when the first Arc GPUs for desktop will hit the market (rumored to arrive between May and June), although Intel appears to be trying to ensure that there will be a sufficient quantity available. If they indeed offer performance and technologies comparable to their competitors, together with competent drivers and a reasonable price, they might be a breath of fresh air in this overheated market, helping to alleviate some of the pressure, although we will have to wait a few more months to find out.

Intel Determined to bring gamers millions of Intel ARC GPUs each year

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