Intel cuts SSD prices to boost sales

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So Intel is lowering prices on their SSDs from massively expensive, to very expensive. Intel has cut the prices of its SLC and MLC solid state drives to drive sales in this harsh economic climate. The MLC based X-25M 80GB and 160GB drives are now available for $390 and $765, respectively, down from $595 and $945, respectively.

The faster SLC-based X-25E 32GB drive is now priced at $415, down from $575, and there's also a new 64GB X-25E with a price tag of $795. A 320GB MLC drive and a 128GB SLC drive is slated for later this year. Lower sales due to the global economic slump are a key reason for the price cuts. However, declining NAND flash prices are lowering production costs for Intel's competitors, many of which are entering the market with a new generation of products. Intel launched their 160GB X-25M for $945 just under two months ago.

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