Intel Core i5-14600K Raptor Lake Refresh: Benchmark and Clock Speed Analysis in Geekbench 6

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The forthcoming Intel Core i5-14600K, categorized as a mid-range CPU in the Raptor Lake Refresh series, underwent benchmark testing using Geekbench 6, as reported by @BenchLeaks on Twitter. The test results revealed that the i5-14600K achieved a peak turbo frequency of 5.3GHz during testing, mirroring the clock speed of the i5-13600K.

Nevertheless, the benchmark data showcased the i5-14600K outperforming its predecessor by a notable margin, exhibiting a 5.7% improvement in single-core performance and an 11.2% lead in multi-core performance.

It is important to note that this performance discrepancy exists even though both CPUs operate at similar clock speeds. However, it is prudent to exercise caution when interpreting these findings, as the full system specifications of the tested i5-14600K and i5-13600K are undisclosed. The possibility of the i5-14600K being paired with faster memory, potentially influencing its Geekbench 6 performance, cannot be ruled out.The clock speeds recorded in Geekbench 6 are of particular significance in the evaluation of the i5-14600K's benchmark. While the reported speeds may not appear extraordinary, it is worth considering that the tested chip could be an engineering or pre-production variant. This implies that as the chip progresses to its production-ready phase, we may witness higher clock speeds. Historically, engineering samples have often exhibited lower clock speeds compared to their final iterations.

The potential clock speed range for the retail version of the i5-14600K remains a subject of speculation. Considering the capabilities of the Raptor Lake architecture and previous speculations, there is a likelihood that the i5-14600K could attain clock speeds ranging from 5.7GHz to 5.9GHz, especially if the i7 and i9 models achieve or surpass the 6GHz mark.

Source: @Benchleaks

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