Intel Arrow Lake has up to 4 Xe-Cores, no hyper-threading and DDR4 support

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Recent leaks from sources like Golden Pig Upgrade and High Yield YT have revealed information about Intel's next line of desktop processors, the Core Ultra 2-series "Arrow Lake-S," which will follow the Core Ultra 1-series "Meteor Lake." The new series will continue with Intel's updated naming scheme for its processors, a change first seen in mobile processors.

The "Arrow Lake-S" processors are expected to use the new Socket LGA1851 but will remain compatible with coolers designed for the LGA1700 standard. Unlike their mobile counterparts, the desktop versions will have a two-chip design to better support the desktop market's need for more PCIe lanes for NVMe storage and high-bandwidth peripherals like Thunderbolt and USB4. A key difference in the "Arrow Lake-S" series is the removal of low-power E-cores, with all CPU cores located in the Compute tile using Intel's 20A process technology. This includes advanced features like Gate-All-Around Field-Effect Transistors (GAAFETs) and 2nd generation Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.

Rumors suggest the Compute tile will have an 8 Performance (P) + 8 Efficiency (E) core setup. The "Lion Cove" P-cores are expected to have 3 MB of L2 cache and outperform the previous "Redwood Cove" P-cores in terms of instructions per cycle (IPC). The E-cores, dubbed "Skymont," may match the IPC of "Willow Cove" cores from Intel's 11th Generation "Tiger Lake" processors. The integrated graphics will feature Xe-LPG+ with 4 Xe cores, excluding the Arc Graphics branding found in higher-end models. Intel plans to introduce a 2nd Generation Neural Processing Unit (NPU) in the "Arrow Lake-S" series to support the Intel AI Boost suite, aiming to improve AI inferencing performance while reducing power consumption.

The Intel Core Ultra 2-series "Arrow Lake-S" desktop processors are set to launch in late 2024, promising significant enhancements in core configurations, IPC, graphics, and AI capabilities, positioning them as strong contenders in the desktop computing market.


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