Intel 14th Gen Core Processor Marketing Collateral Leaks, More Specs Confirmed

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Prior to the highly anticipated launch of Intel's "Raptor Lake Refresh" on October 17, certain East Asian retailers have preemptively unveiled marketing images pertaining to the initial offerings within the 14th Generation Core SKUs. These promotional materials furnish preliminary information about the new series, elucidating vital specifications for the Core i9, Core i7, and Core i5 models, albeit without specifying their exact product names. 

Based on the provided data, it can be inferred that models boasting clock speeds of 6 GHz, 5.6 GHz, and 5.3 GHz correspond to configurations featuring 24 cores, 20 cores, and 16 cores, respectively, which aligns with the speculated attributes of the 14900K, 14700K, and 14600K models. VideoCardz has obtained several official slides, shedding light on the primary specifications of the aforementioned models.


It is noteworthy that the i9-14900K is poised to become Intel's first 6 GHz processor in a regular variant, departing from the special edition (KS) models, and it will feature a reduced default TDP of 125W, as opposed to the 150W of the i9-13900KS. Further insights from the material indicate that the Intel Core i7 desktop CPU will see an improvement by incorporating four additional Efficient cores, resulting in a total of 20 cores. Such a specification reinforces earlier expectations, indicating a 200 MHz performance boost across the series.

Intel 14th Gen Core Raptor Lake Refresh

Configuration  Base ClockP-Core Max ClockP-Core PBP/MTP MSRP
Core i9-14900K(F) 24/32T (8P+16E) 3.2 GHz 6.0 GHz 125W/253W TBC
Core i9-14900(F) 24/32T (8P+16E) 2.0 GHz 5.8 GHz 65W/219W TBC
Core i7-14700K(F) 20/28T (8P+12E) 3.4 GHz 5.6 GHz 125W/253W TBC
Core i7-14700(F) 20/28T (8P+12E) 2.1 GHz 5.4 GHz 65W/219W TBC
Core i5-14600K(F) 14/20T (6P+8E) 3.5 GHz 5.3 GHz 125W/253W TBC
Core i5-14600 14/20T (6P+8E) 2.7 GHz 5.2 GHz 65W/154W TBC
Core i5-14500 14/20T (6P+8E) 2.6 GHz 5.0 GHz 65W/154W TBC
Core i5-14400(F) 10/16T (6P+4E) 2.5 GHz 4.7 GHz 65W/148W TBC
Core i3-14100(F) 4/8T (4P+0E) 3.5 GHz 4.7 GHz 60W/89W TBC

Analysts and tech enthusiasts widely speculate that the SKU boasting a 6 GHz clock speed alongside a 24-core configuration signifies the imminent flagship Core i9-14900K. Simultaneously, the Core i7-14700K is expected to offer a 5.6 GHz clock speed and feature a 20-core architecture, with leaked data emphasizing the addition of four Gracemont E-cores. The 5.3 GHz clock speed and 14-core configuration appear to be the defining characteristics of the Core i5-14600K.

Source: VideoCardz

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