Inno3D Custom GeForce GTX 570 Jericho Graphics Card

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Next to Galaxy, KFA2 now Inno3D is putting money on a customized GeForce GTX 570 as well.

The card will be known as the GTX 570 Jericho and it relies on a single 92mm fan and on a massive aluminum haetsink with five heatpieps in order to dissipate the heat produced when running.

This fan is PWM controlled and its speed can range from 1,000RPM to 4,200RPM depending on the temperatures recorded by the graphics core, and can also cope with the heat generated by an overclocked GTX 570.

According to Inno3D, noise also shouldn't be a problem as the Jericho cooler has an idle rating of just 18db, which makes it significantly quieter than Nvidia reference design.

Judging by the redesigned cooler there's a strong chance that the graphics card will come factory overclocked.

According to a recent report, the GTX 570 will soon get a smaller brother, known as the GTX 560 Ti (448 Core) that will feature similar specs for a smaller price tag.


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