In Win Introduces ARGB-Compatible AIO Water Cooling Units MR24 and MR36

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In Win is set to launch the "MR" series of all-in-one water cooling units featuring rotating water blocks. These cooling solutions offer both performance and versatility, with two models available: the "MR24" with a 240mm radiator and the "MR36" with a 360mm radiator. Starting from December 8, 2023, these products will be available for purchase, with an estimated market selling price starting at $105.  MR36 The "MR36" is equipped with built-in ARGB LEDs in both the water block and the cooling fan. Notably, the water block's head boasts a 360° rotating ring, allowing users to adjust the In Win logo to suit their installation preferences. Furthermore, the LEDs can be synchronized with the lighting technology of various motherboard manufacturers. 

These cooling units feature high-density microchannel fins within the radiator, coupled with an integrated pump design. This design not only enhances cooling efficiency but also minimizes noise and vibration associated with pump operation.. MR24 and MR36 The cooling fan included in these units is the "Neptune AN120," a 120mm ARGB fan available separately. Key specifications of this fan encompass a rotational speed ranging from 900 to 2,200 rpm ±10%, an air volume spanning from 23.87 to 60.1 CFM, a static pressure of 0.36 to 2.27 mm/H2O, and a noise level of 20.5 dB, among others.

These AIO water cooling units offer compatibility with a variety of platforms, including Intel LGA1700/1200/20xx/115x and AMD Socket AM5/AM4/AMx/FMx. Additionally, they feature a unique "Lock N Go cable" for the ARGB connection, which prevents connector disconnection.

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