IBM Unveils Advanced 133-Qubit Quantum Processor IBM Quantum Heron and Quantum System Two

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IBM has introduced its latest quantum computing achievement, the "IBM Quantum Heron," at the IBM Quantum Summit 2023 event. This 133-qubit processor, developed over four years, represents a significant leap in quantum computing technology. By incorporating a novel architecture and enhancing gate operation, IBM has managed to achieve a remarkable reduction in errors, up to five times less compared to its previous 127-qubit processor, the "IBM Quantum Eagle."

The "IBM Quantum Heron" is hailed as one of the world's most high-performance quantum processors due to its innovative design and error-reduction capabilities. This milestone reflects IBM's commitment to pushing the boundaries of quantum computing.


Furthermore, IBM has officially launched its inaugural modular quantum computer, the "IBM Quantum System Two." This utility-scale quantum computing system is equipped with three IBM Quantum Heron processors and accompanying control electronics. By linking multiple modules together, this system can execute a single quantum circuit with a capacity of up to 100 million operations. IBM's long-term vision is to expand this capability to achieve an impressive 1 billion operations, marking a significant advancement in the era of quantum utility.

For more detailed information, please visit IBM's official press release: "IBM Debuts Next-Generation Quantum Processor & IBM Quantum System Two, Extends Roadmap to Advance Era of Quantum Utility."


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