High-end side flow ID-COOLING SE-226-XT cooler series has 250W TDP

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Currently, there are two models in the product lineup: the addressable RGB LED fan "SE-226-XT ARGB" and the regular fan SE-226-XT BLACK.

A total of six 6 mm x six heat pipes are installed in the copper heat receiving base, which has been completed flat through precision processing. The heat pipes are designed to efficiently transmit heat from the CPU to the heat sink. In addition, "Micro Waved Heatsink Fins," which are created in a wavy shape, are used for the cooling fins to increase the heat dissipation area by a factor of two.

According to the manufacturer, the cooling fan of the "SE-226-XT ARGB" has the following specifications: speed range 900 to 2,000 10 percent rpm, air volume 56.5CFM, static pressure 1.99mmH2O, and noise level 16.2 to 31.5dBA. The cooling fan of the "SE-226-XT BLACK" has the following specifications: a speed range of 700 200 to 1,800 10 percent rpm, an air volume range of 76.16CFM, a static pressure range of 2.16mmH2O, and a noise range of 15.2 to 35.2dBA. The High-end side-flow CPU cooler that claims to be capable of supporting TDPs of up to 250W.

With a main body that measures 129mm in width, 106mm in depth, and 154mm in height, and weighs 1,300g, the device is a good fit for most people. Intel LGA1700 / 1200/2066/2011/1151/1150/1155/1156, AMD Socket AM4, and Intel Alder Lake processors are all supported, as is Intel's next-generation processor, Alder Lake.

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