Half Life 2 HD Remastered HD Texture Pack V2.1

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johnyonghwang1 has released a new version of his HD Texture Pack for Half-Life 2. Half Life 2 HD Remastered HD Texture Pack V2.1 is 3.56GB in size, features plenty of new 2K textures, and you can download it right now.

According to the modder, version 2.1 fixes the Highway 17 gravel and some road textures. Moreover, it introduces new Episode 2 bunker textures and new Blood textures. It also fixes the impact holes bug, and adds smaller and unobtrusive lens flares. Not only that, but it adds new plaster textures, new brick textures, and fixes the grass blend textures. Also, and as the title suggests, it adds plenty of new 2K Textures.

Hey, since you can grab the game for free at Steam ... have a peek.

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