Guru3D turns 10 - A Decade of Guru3D !

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10 Years ! Articles and competitionsTen years ago in May on the 24th of 1999 the domain was registered, and we mark that day, the day that reached a decade. Serving you fine readers enthusiast gaming related hardware content.

With this special occasion we have a lot of things lined up, among them a history of article, a hardware history article where we'll look back at graphics cards back in the late 90'ies. We'll also do something really special on the green environmental side of things and sure .. we gathered prizes for you guys.

Initially we wanted to have one big contest, however we got so many stuff top give away that this week we'll launch three contests with many thousands of EURO's in prices. Among these prizes, many graphics cards, enthusiast soundcards, high-end power supplies.

We even had NVIDIA CEO Jen-Sun Huang sign an engineering sample GeForce GTX 285 which we'll give away, we have a customized Smooth Creations Far Cry 2 / Guru3D themed chassis to give away, or how about some 6GB 2000 MHz OCZ Blade memory ? Or perhaps you like a Zalman GS1000SE chassis. No ? Well BFG is also sponsoring a GeForce GTX 285 OC2 edition and their new 1200 Watt PSU.

We'll also give away Radeon HD 4890 graphics cards that are still in development, HIS is going crazy for you guys. These are just a couple of the prizes we'll give away in contests .. and you know what ? At the end of the week we'll give away a complete AMD/ATI Dragon PC away as well .. that's right .. Phenom II 955 BE, MSI 790FX motherboard, we pop a Radeon HD 4890 in there, some nice memory, DVD-RW ... really .. a top notch system.

As you'll notice, this week will be all about giving and sharing. I will share with you my personal story on how was founded and will take you through the history of Guru3D.

But guys .. we have so much lined up this week, that we'll divide everything over six days, here's the program.

A Decade of Guru3D agenda:

  • 24th May - History of Guru3D part #1 (open)
  • 25th May - Start Contest 1 - The Wicked Guru3D  Photo Contest (open)
  • 26th May - History of Guru3D Part #2  The VGA Flashback (open)
  • 27th May - Start Contest 2 - The Logo Hunt Contest (open)
  • 28th May - Guru3D going Green article (open)
  • 29th May - Start Contest 3 - The Dragon challenge (open)

We hope you'll join us in our festivities ! If you like to say hello or congratulate us, we opened up a forum thread right here ! Let's make this an awesome week, and I do hope so much that a lot of you will take part of it.

Thanks so much,

Hilbert Hagedoorn, owner of

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