Google will sell hardware keys to improve account security

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Google has demonstrated a new login method, where a user has to connect a special device, hardware key, to enter an account on your PC or laptop. The so-called Titan Security Key will first be offered to business users of Google's cloud services.

The device would be made available to everyone via the Google web store. The hardware key is to improve the security of an account. A user can only log in if the device is nearby. Google has been offering other security methods for a while, including two-step verification with a mobile app or text messages. The search giant will offer two versions of the Titan Security Key. One connects via USB to a computer, while a second model uses bluetooth to connect wirelessly to a smartphone.

Google has already offered users the opportunity to log in with a hardware key created by another manufacturer. However, the company did not have a device of its own until now. The gadgets contain special firmware, which checks with Google whether a login attempt is legitimate. The hardware keys use the FIDO standard, they also work on other websites.

Google will sell hardware keys to improve account security

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