GlobalFoundries Shows AMD Llano and Orochi 8-Core

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GlobalFoundries offers a little preview at one of the upcoming Fusion processors from AMD, the Orochi based on the Bulldozer architecture as Softpedia reports.

Bobcat's firstborn will be the 40nmOntario mobile chip and comes with embedded DirectX 11 graphics. is intended for desktops and servers with Orochi being one of the flagship chips.

No real information was provided on this 8-core product besides that it will be the second 32nm-based product and will be built immediately after the Llano. The Orochi will feature a set of 4 Bulldozer modules, which provide 8 cores and 8 threads, and will probably have an AM3+ package with an integrated DDR3 memory controller.

On the other hand, the individual L2 caches will be of 1MB and will support dual-channel DDR3 and will, of course, have its own built-in graphics with support for DirectX 11.The APU should also feature an integrated northbridge, integrated PCI Express root complex, a HyperTransport interface to the chipset and an integrated SIMD array with 480 stream processors.

The Llano will have to compete with the Sandy Bridge processors from Intel, which also have integrated graphics and will feature better performance than the current Core series [via Softpedia / PCPer].

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