Gigabyte Pushes NVMe Aorus SSD to 15,000 MB/s on PCIe 4.0 (RAID)

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So, you do need to wonder at what point an NVMe SSD is fast enough. For kicks and giggles and a bit of a viral Gigabyte probably showcased this one, an Aorus PCIe 4.0 SSD that does 15,000 MB/s. Obviously, it uses a technology that most people will have forgotten, RAID.

Regardless of what you think of it, the fact is that the potential of PCIe 4.0 is really starting to show. A single Gigabyte's Aorus Gen4 NVMe SSD is capable of reaching 5GB/s sequential read speeds.

As mentioned RAID is needed, the card pretty much is a 4x RAID configuration. RAID creates a lot of overhead and needs a dedicated controller at these speeds, as the CPU load otherwise would get bazerk. We can only assume how hot these units will run, as the SSDs requires active cooling as well as a copper heatsink per M2 NVMe SSD. The nice thing with RAID is that you can increase volume size, the demoed version offers 8TB. Will this ever reach the market, we doubt it. But looking at such speeds does bring a smile to our faces.

Gigabyte Pushes NVMe Aorus SSD to 15,000 MB/s on PCIe 4.0 (RAID)

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