Gigabyte preps GeForce GTX 480 SOC (GV-N480SO-15I)

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More news from Gigabyte today as they are preparing a Super Overclock (SOC )edition of the GeForce GTX 480. The new cooling method used by Gigabyte certainly gained a lot of respect and reputation.

the card comes GTX 480 SOC (GV-N480SO-15I) comes with Dual BIOS technology, a SOC Default BIOS and one LN2 BIOS. Switchable with a simply LED based button. The Ln2 mode is of course for extreme overclocking to prevent potential cold bug issues.

The card will be clocked at Core/Mem clock: 820 (std 700) / 3800 (std 3696) MHz, which definitely is a nice clock freuqency alright. The card has a 14 phase PWM design (12 phases for GPU; 2 phase for memory) and comes with 12 power phase status LED indicators.


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