GeForce RTX 3060 Ti With GA103 GPU Spotted in database

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It has been revealed in the most recent beta release notes for a popular PC benchmarking tool that a new generation of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti desktop graphics cards will be available in the near future. 

With the exception of a new model number/designation, the specifications should remain essentially similar externally. But buyers will notice that the GPU buried beneath the shroud is actually the GA103, not the GA104 that was used in previous models. This change was found by HXL on the AIDA 6.60.5918 beta downloads page, which is where the change was made. However, please keep in mind that Nvidia has not confirmed the change, so please take this with a pinch of salt.

This morning, we hypothesized on the possibility of the Mysterious GA103 GPU from Nvidia making its way into the desktop graphics card market. In order to have a closer look at the GPU, a dedicated PC enthusiast in China decided to disassemble his brand-new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti-powered laptop in order to get a better look at it. Even while some speculated that this new mobile GPU would be a severely scaled-down version of the GA102, it was ultimately revealed to be a whole new piece of hardware. The new RTX 3060 Ti card's GA103 GPU is capable of supporting 42 percent of the total number of CUDA cores available. As a result, even if the GA104 is now Nvidia's most popular GPU as of writing, the company's production plans, combined with the advent of improved laptops, may have necessitated the creation of a few different SKUs.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti laptop RTX 3060 Ti new RTX 3060 Ti old
GPU code GA103 GA103 GA104
CUDA Cores activated 7,424 (97%) of 7,680 possible with this GPU 4,864 (42%) of 7,680 4,864 (79%) of 6,144
Memory 16GB on 256-bit bus, 320-bit possible with this GPU 8GB on 256-bit bus 8GB on 256-bit bus
Transistor Count ? ? 17.4 billion
Die Size 496 mm^2 496 mm^2 392 mm^2
Node Samsung 8N Samsung 8N Samsung 8N

 * table tom's hardware

We don't know why NVIDIA "refreshed" the RTX 3060 Ti desktop graphics card, but it makes a lot of financial sense (i.e., economies of scale with production, die error rates and keeping things simple).

Before we conclude, we should mention the possibility that PC enthusiasts who purchase the GA103-based RTX 3060 Ti would find minor performance differences. It is possible that the "new" model will run cooler or more efficiently when overclocked even while important technical characteristics such as core counts, clock speeds, and memory have not changed

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti With GA103 GPU Spotted in database

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