GeForce GTX 275 rumor surfaces

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Over the past few weeks we have heard may many rumours about ATI releasing a Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) next month. But it's semi confirmed that NVIDIA is not sitting still either.

Deep inside the gossip channel we heard that NVIDIA is preparing a GeForce GTX 275. The product would merely be a faster clocked GTX 260 SP216 (at least that is the rumor). Early speculation makes us think that the core clock frequency of this product would be 650 MHz (576 standard) with a 1100 MHz memory clock (1000 standard), we do not have any numbers on the shader domain though. But assume the normal and do some quick math and you'll end up with 10-15% additional performance, bringing it actually close to the GeForce GTX 285 performance wise.

On the other side of the scope, the latest rumour on the Radeon HD 4890 release date we last heard is April 6th. We also think that the HD 4890 will not be able to beat the GeForce GTX 285 performance wise. And this is why NVIDIA would launch the GTX 275 shortly after that product, to counteract ATI's move.

Both product are unconfirmed and neither ATI or NVIDIA does know about their existence, of course.

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