Gaming mask ... Razer Zephyr ... with RGB and active ventilation

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Razer presented the "Razer Zephyr," an active ventilation mask with a cyberpunk design, at the online event "Razer Con 2021." The mask is available for purchase now. 

In addition to having a ventilation fan that allows for easy breathing and an RGB illumination feature, it is a mask that matches to the product version of "Project Hazel" that will be released at "CES 2021."

Air is drawn in through ventilation fans on the left and right sides of the mouth and expelled through the chin by means of a chin exhaust. The machine is outfitted with a medical grade compliance filter of the type "N95" that can capture 99 percent of particles carrying bacteria (BFE 99 percent) and can reduce bacteria in both the intake and exhaust air. With proper care, the filter may keep its filtering effectiveness intact for up to three days, and Razer describes it as "a sustainable mask that lasts three times longer than a disposable mask."

In addition, the mouth is constructed of clear material with an anti-fog coating, which allows you to see your own facial emotions and communicate more effectively as a result. In addition, an anti-fog spray is included with the package.

In addition, it is equipped with an illumination function that is compatible with "Razer Chroma RGB" and that can be adjusted using a specific mobile application. It is feasible to make a visually appealing "gaming mask.". The "call function," which made use of the built-in microphone and speaker and was unveiled at the time of the announcement of "Project Hazel," was not included.

After charging for approximately 3 hours, the ventilation fan rotates in two speeds: 4,200 rpm and 6,200 rpm. It may be used for up to 8 hours (low speed / while the LED is turned off) after charging for approximately 3 hours. The duration of standby is limited to two days. The external measurements are 181 mm in width, 104 mm in depth, and 104 mm in height, with a weight of 206.1 g.

Razer sells a single device with a 9-day filter for $ 99.99 and a "Starter Pack" with a 99-day filter for $ 149.99, depending on the model. The "N95 Grade Filter Pack" contains a variety of filters and costs $ 29.99.

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