Fujitsu Zero-Watt Standby Monitor

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The world's first monitors to feature power supplies that automatically switch off completely in power-save mode start shipping today.Developed by Fujitsu Siemens Computers, the leading European IT provider, the revolutionary new power-saving technology goes on sale in the SCENICVIEW Premium Line ECO range.

Patent-pending zero-watt power save technology means the new SCENICVIEW ECO monitors draw no power when not in use - as the DC power converter shuts down completely. This is a world first, because monitors in standby mode normally continue to draw between one and six watts of power. The Eco mode is enabled by default.

The display includes a switching element in the power supply, controlled by the PC. When the monitor powers down, it triggers the power supply to totally disconnect from the mains. When the PC next sends output to the monitor, a small electrical pulse restores display power. This function works with analogue and digital monitor outputs.

Across Europe, reducing power consumption through the adoption of electrical goods that use zero watts in standby mode would save an estimated 35 Terawatt hours per year, according to the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Bundesanstalt fur Materialforschung)*. The EU Stand-by Initiative reports estimates that stand-by power accounts for about 10 percent of the electricity use in homes and offices of the EU Member States. The ECO monitors also introduce DisplayView AutoBright functionality, an automatic brightness control that adapts monitor brightness in harmony with ambient light, offering power savings during operations of up to an additional 30 percent as well as reducing eye strain. When maximum brightness is needed, the new units reach an impressive 300 cd/m2.

With graphics capabilities of up to 1680 x 1050 pixels, the new ECO monitors do not scrimp on display sizes, either - while a 5 millisecond response time ensures crisp, sharp graphics and no screen artefacts. Thanks to HDMI interface support, the screens are also ideal for working with high-definition graphics.

In September, two more models will join the zero-watt monitor line-up: the 24-inch and 26-inch models.

Fujitsu Zero-Watt Standby Monitor

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