Faked NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Performance Slides are making Rounds on the WWW

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You might have noticed a twofold of slides on the web today that look like they originate from NVIDIA's marketing department, the presentation slides have been made 100% in NVIDIA's style and expose the DXR (Raytracing) performance of the GeForce RTX 3090, and some more.

A second slide indicates shader core count and memory volume. We fell for the slides for a minute as well, but the second you zoom in on the bar charts you'll notice oddities in the bar chart lines. Also, it is unlikely that NVIDIA would list '5248 cores' opposed to '5,248 CUDA cores'.

Next to that, the slides have been asserted as fakes on the internet so we'll not be claiming validity on these slides here today. Since more and more websites are picking up on the slides and posted them to be genuine we chose to post this news item. We're 99% sure these are fakes (one can never be a 100% sure). The been posted by yuten0x (Twitter) and then quickly got countered by Coreteks (Twitter), from who a coreteks discord member apparently created them.

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