EVGA Pro SLI Bridges

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Introducing the EVGA Pro SLI Bridges! These bridges are designed to look awesome and connect your SLI-enabled EVGA graphics cards together. If you have GTX 700 or TITAN series graphics cards, the EVGA logo illuminates. One each for 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way SLI setups. Its design involves an ingot-shaped top, with three sides covered with brushed aluminum, and a  white glowing EVGA logo, next to an NVIDIA SLI one. 

The EVGA logo illuminates when the bridge is plugged in to GeForce GTX 700 series (or later) graphics cards. The 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way bridges are available on EVGA store, priced at $29.99, each.


  • Several models that are compatible with 2-Way, 3-Way or 4-Way SLI
  • EVGA logo illuminates on GeForce GTX 700 series and later
  • Compatible with all SLI-enabled graphics cards
  • Looks awesome!

Learn more about the EVGA Pro SLI Bridges here:  http://eu.evga.com/articles/00766/


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