Endurance Test of Samsung 850 Pro Comes To an End after 9100TB of writes

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Yes, so that is 9.1 Petabyte of data written! Good lord. The German colleagues from c't (print magazine) have ended their SSD endurance tests after the last SSD decided to go belly up. 

That last SSD of the survivors was the Samsung 850 Pro, and it had written an astounding 9100 TB of data, yep 9,100,000 Gigabytes. That particular SSD is rated for 150 TB written and now is three years old. 

c't used six SSDs of each model: OCZ TR150, Crucial BX 200, Samsung 750 Evo, Samsung 850 Pro, SanDisk Extreme Pro and SanDisk Ultra II. Conclusive was the fact that all SSDs lasted way longer then advertised. The two SSDs that failed first where a Crucial BX200 , which lasted twice the number of advertised writes at 187 and 280 TB. Then also a number of SSDs died after a accident that caused a power surge or peak (could not understand it really well as the original article is written in German). The top batch became the SanDisk Extreme Pro and Samsung 850 Pro models, they all lasted a minimum of 2.2 Petabyte. 

A normal office system writes between 10 and 35 GB per day. Even if you had a generous 40 GB per day, a nominal endurance of 70 TBW would be achieved after five years. Now if we extrapolate that data and take it to the Samsung SSD 850 that would be 60 times the guaranteed write performance of 150 TBW. At that average of 40-gigabyte daily usage, (purely theoretical of course) that SSD would have lasted 623 years.

No matter what this articles indicates, Guru3D recommend you to always backup your data.

Endurance Test of Samsung 850 Pro Comes To an End after 9100TB of writes

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