Downloads: Radeon RX 5600 XT (Factory OC versions) AIB/AIC BIOS Updates

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If you have read our three reviews yesterday, you will have noticed that the factory tweaked versions of the 5600 XT cards received BIOS updates that make them substantially faster.

NVIDIA lowered RTX 2060 pricing to 299 USD. And there's where AMD made an 180 degree turn and pretty much created two separated SKUs for the 5600 XT. That would be the reference product, and then the factory tweaked (OC models) with greatly enhanced specs like a 180 Watt power envelope (opposed to 150W), an increase of the maximum turbo clock as well as a bump in GDDR6 memory data-rate going from 12 towards 14 Gbps. 

Some board obviously already made retail prior to that BIOS update. Below you can see a collection of board partner links, with the BIOS updates and flash utilities.

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