Diatech offers Macaron keycap set / color-coded

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Asia based Diatech has released the Macaron Keycap Set, a keycap set that is color-coded for each finger. A bright and one-of-a-kind keycap set inspired by multicolored macarons. The color scheme is not only beautiful but also functional; each color is color-coded based on which finger should be pushed.

The pink key is utilized for the little finger, the orange key for the ring finger, the yellow key for the middle finger, the green key for the index finger, and the blue key for the thumb. The accuracy and speed of input will be increased by supporting you to enter with the proper finger. Both CHERRY MX switches and similar switches such as the "Majestouch" and "Majestouch Tenkeyless" series are supported. The kit also includes a "FILCO KeyPuller" key extraction tool with macaron-like colors.

Diatech offers Macaron keycap set / color-coded

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