Denuvo DRM System Reportedly Cracked

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3DM has reported that it's been able to crack the latest DRM system, Denuvo, that was used in FIFA 15, Lords of the Fallen and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Some users claimed that Denuvo was responsible for damaging their SSDs, while others claimed that Lords of the Fallen's performance issues were due to this particular DRM system. 

Before closing, I should note that the Chinese team has been able to crack the DRM. This does not mean that there is any working crack at the moment, however it opens up the road for ones.

After 15 days of work, the 64bit version of Denuvo has been cracked, this hints at Fifa 15,DA:I, and lord of the fallen being ready for release in the near future. To be honest, this DRM was pretty powerful, and made me worried, because fifa 15 and DA:I weren't preforming very well(in terms of market sales?). Fifa 15 sold 5000 copies, DA:I about 3000 copies, compared to international sales of a few million, it's a drop in the bucket, a lot of ORIGINAL HEROES(basically fags that buy original) bitched about how we're destroying the market, but now we can see it, if there is no crack, would people buy? I think, judging from our country's cultural and buying patterns, uncrackable games are damaging to the PC gaming scene in china, it doesn't increase the amount of legit/original games purchased, and many PC gamers would rather not play the game(abandon it). Habits/tastes have to be slowly built, market environment has to be slowly cultivated, the government's attitude has to slowly change, you can't change everything in one fell swoop. 

Actually, our actions throughout the years, isn't it just to enable PC gamers to enjoy video games? To be able to increase or maintain the amount of PC gamers, we're very open to increased marketing of video games, but to be able to breach the many layers of government bureaucracy and to create a price point more suited to the spending power of chinese citizen, if only games would do that in china, they could sell millions, then it would reason that the effect of our cracks in china would not be that impactful.

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