DeepCool To Offer Gamer Storm Genome II Chassis

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A while ago we checked out the original Genome chassis (review here), but DeepCool is releasing the Gamer Storm Genome II Chassis, once again with built-in liquid cooling from the Captain series.

The Genome II Chassis from DeepCool is a product series that not only has out of the ordinary aesthetics, it's factory fitted with a 360mm triple fan based liquid cooling solution as well. The chassis oozes ease of use with its scientific looks.

Now we have been looking long and hard to spot the differences inbetween the original model and the revised II model:

The double helix in the front now is brighter, a PCI-Express riser cable is now included for vertical mounting of the graphics card, there now is a removable HDD cage and some cable routing holes have been made a notch bigger.

  • 360mm radiator, 3 PWM LED fans,  reservoir and helix are pre-installed;
  • Innovative structure with separated functional areas provides extended support;
  • Cable management support for better cooling and tidy arrangement of cables;
  • Controllable breathing lighting around the reservoir;
  • Extra space reserved for water cooling system;
  • unique shape of top panel for better cooling effect;
  • Extra slots for vertical GPU installation(PCI-E extension cable is not included);
  • Bigger cutout for easier CPU cooler installation;
  • USB3.0 x2;
  • With rubber buffer and dust filter for PSU;
  • Side window for better view;

The Genome is a bit of a hybrid of a chassis with included cooling, a new design chassis series combined with an factory fitted and integrated liquid cooler based on their 'Captain' AIO kits. That captain series comes in 120mm, 240mm and 360mm versions and DeepCool decided to do it properly, and fits the genome with the 360mm model. Aesthetics are important as well, at the front-side you'll notice part of the reservoir visible, styled like that shape we recognize as Nucleic acid double helix. The chassis is your modern age design that comes with all the whistles and bells you may expect from it, we'll show it all of course. As a package you open it up, install your components and you are good to go as everything LCS wise is pre-fitted and thus the kit is easy to use and install.

The Genome is aimed in the sub 250 USD segment, and albeit it might sound expensive for a chassis, you simply may not forget that included is a Captain 360 AIO that normally sells for 139.99 USD/EURO alone, so we feel this chassis actually offers pretty good value.

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