Crytek is hinting at a remastered version of Crysis (update #3)

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Crytek is teasing a new version of Crysis. In a showcase video, the developer shows games made with the CryEngine in the past decade. At the end, images of Crysis from 2007 come along. An older video also contains a hint.

It is hard to ignore the Crysis saga. With the next generation of consoles on the horizon, there is no better time to remaster Crysis and get the most out of them. The franchise has always been known for pushing graphic boundaries, and the release of new hardware will give Crytek a chance to show off once again.

Update: Crysis reports back after more than 3 years with a mysterious tweet. Crytek posted yet another teaser, a bit of a cryptic one. The meaning, we honestly don't know, but something is brewing alright. Most likely, this is a remastering of the first Crysis with the latest version of Cryengine rather than a Crysis 4. Crytek already showed support for Ray-Tracing in its graphics engine, so we shouldn't be surprised by arrival at the new generation of consoles and PCs with latest generation graphics and hardware Ray-Tracing support.

Update: And on the Crytek website a logo has been placed, its a remaster, not Crysis 4.

A remake/remaster seems inevitable. EA has already confirmed that it is working on "exciting remasters of the most beloved fan games", and that these efforts included "two new unannounced titles from third-party developers." Beyond that, Crytek has hinted at a return to the saga since August last year, showing an iconic area of the original Crysis in its trailer for CryEngine 5.6.

The video below highlights the achievements of the CryEngine over the past decade, ending with the phrase "Never stop achieve" , followed by gameplay of Crysis .

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