Corsair next-generation AIO cooler for Intel Alder Lake processors gets spotted

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Corsair is updating the design of its AIO cooling system. For the first time, Corsair's new CPU coolers will have a circular LCD display. This week, the firm is promoting its new cooler on social media, but it isn't exhibiting much beyond a few basic visuals.

The Corsair AIO cooler will be compatible with Intel Alder Lake processors as well as the LGA1700 socket in general, according to the company. The promotional images that videocardz obtained do, in fact, depict an ASUS PRIME Z690 motherboard with Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM installed on it. All of those products are being launched at the same time, according to the business. The company shared a brief video clip on Instagram, illustrating how the LCD panel will provide direct information on the CPU cooler temperatures and pump speed when turned on. It will also be able to display animated images, which is a frequent feature for this particular type of cooler. T he cooler is connected to the dual-fan radiator, which is illuminated with ARGB lighting. Uncertainty exists as to whether those are brand new fans or whether they are an existing design that has been utilized on previous coolers. Cabling is not visible on teaser photographs, but we can tell there is a single braided wire coming from the pump, which is most likely where the USB power and fan connectors are concealed.

The cooling company believes that it will have additional information available next week.

Corsair next-generation AIO cooler for Intel Alder Lake processors gets spotted

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