Cooler Master Hyper 612 revision 2

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Cooler Master announced the latest addition to the Hyper series: the Hyper 612 ver. 2. The Hyper-series is known for its very aggressive price/performance ratio which makes it one a popular cooling series.

The Cooler Master Hyper 612 ver. 2 is designed with versatility in mind. The first option is to use it as a Silent (passive) cooler. Patented technologies like CDC and X-Vent are two reasons why the Hyper 612 can reach extreme low temperatures. CDC or Continuous Direct Contact is a technology developed by Cooler Master to improve the contact between the CPU and the heatpipes. This improved contact allows for better heat dissipation and thus improves the performance of the cooler. The other reason why the Hyper 612 ver. 2 is perfectly suited as Silent cooler is because of the X-Vent Technology. This technology allows better airflow, just by simply using the right angle for the air vents. Cooler Master recommends to use the Hyper 612 ver. 2 as a passive cooler for CPU’s using up to 95W (for example Core i5).

Performance when you need it

Next to these technologies which already boost the performance of the Hyper 612 ver. 2, there are some other features which allow you to turn the 612 into a high performance cooler. The most important feature is that you can add an additional fan (next to the PWM fan which comes in the box) to its setup so you can use a double fan configuration. Together with the above average space between the specially shaped cooling fins this double fan option offers you huge airflow options which will make sure your CPU stays as cool as possible.

Diversity when you need it

The Hyper 612 ver. 2 is a very diverse cooler, which is strengthened by the other features the cooler has to offer:

  • Two different ways to mount the fan (plastic clip or wire clip)
  • Four anti-vibration rubbers
  • No interference with memory due to special design
  • Easy mounting procedure

All these features make the Hyper 612 ver. 2 a perfect cooler for every situation!

The Hyper 612 ver. 2 will be available from end of September. Price and availability may vary based on region. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.

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