Cooler Master Extends Warranty Nepton 140XL and Nepton 280L

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Cooler Master, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of premium PC components and cooling, showing full confidence in its product, today announced an expansion to the Nepton watercooling series warranty. Nepton 140XL / 280L each feature a pump with an exclusive Cooler Master design that maximizes performance and flow.

It's one thing to know that a product will give many years of service, it's another entirely to support it throughout that. Cooler Master products, including the Nepton Series, are built to last. Knowing this, Cooler Master has announced an expansion to the Nepton Series warranty from its original two years to a full five years from original purchase date. This increase in the warranty will unequivocally show how series Cooler Master is about supporting its products. This five year warranty period will come with the same great support from regionally located customer service teams from across the globe. This is an added bonus for a series of watercoolers that consistently outperform competitive solutions. Nepton Series' leading performance is now backed by a leading warranty.

Nepton 140XL and 280L both are factory filled and sealed for immediate installation and maintenance-free operation for years. Affixed to Nepton 140XL and 280L are premium JetFlo 140 Series fans that are built specially for the high air pressure and heat dissipation required for high performance watercooling. For greater cooling compatibility, JetFlo 120 Series fans and other 120mm fans are supported via compatible mounting holes on the radiator. Nepton 280L comes equipped with dual JetFlo 140 fans and an extra large 280mm radiator that, together, generate substantial cooling power that can dissipate up to 300W of heat. This, coupled with a pure copper base, means Nepton can handle high CPU overclocking. Longer and thicker FEP tubing assists in maintaining exceptional performance through less restrictive water flow and superb evaporation resistance

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