Computex 2015 Exclusive: AMD Fiji GPU Die Photo + Info

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So over at the AMD press-conference the CEO of AMD showed the upcoming Fiji GPU. That definitely is 28nm, as that thing is huge ! We also have seen the Radeon Fury X ourselves, actually even with the cooler removed and I was able to inspect the PCB. 

We have talked to several board partners about AMDs upcoming flagship GPU called Fiji, I have been able to see the product, yet for obvious reasons we cannot show a photo of it. I can confirm a thing or so for you guys. The product is as previously stated 4GB with its framebuffer, the GPU die as stated and shown below is 28nm, roughly 52mm2 and thus big, seriously big. You can physically see the four stacks of HBM (stacked) memory btw.

The product will not have DVI anymore, but a selection of DisplayPort x3 and HDMI 2.0 x1. The card seems to have six power phases if I counted right slash fast enough and will have two 8-pin connectors PCIe PEG power connectors. So, the card can draw up to 375 watts. Which is indicative for power consumption.

The Fiji cards will be small in size and get a water-cooler based solution. AMD currently seems to be struggling with performance as they had aimed to be slightly faster than a GTX 980 Ti. The development costs for this GPU are high and apparently it performs around the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, some partners indicated that that the performance might acually be a notch lower. As such AMD is trying to see what they can do driver wise and see if the clock frequencies can be raised a little bit more to compensate for that. Then again, if this GPU already needs liquid cooling then that is indicative of a product that runs rather warm. So I am not sure how much leeway there is left for AMD. Of course, the performance of a GeForce GTX 980 Ti is pretty sweet, so to be in or at that level of performance is nothing to be ashamed about if the product is priced right.

The naming of the product is not yet finalized, but that is rumored to be Radeon Fury X. The card will definitely be announced during E3.

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