Computex 2015: Avexir has its freak-on LED going on (+video)

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A company that you hear relatively little about is Avexir, they pretty much offer pimped up memory, and as of now SSDs. Now when I say pimped up, I really mean it. Video after the break.

And guys, let's be fair here doesn't memory like that look brilliant ? Be sure to check the video.

Red Tesla:

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ASUS ROG) will launch certification program only to qualified partners. As a pioneer of high end memory manufacture, Avexir is proudly to announce two certified memory products. Raiden Red Tesla is one of the certified memory products by ASUS ROG. Raiden Red Tesla has the original features of Raiden series: exclusive patented technology of plasma tubes to mimic lightning effect and the innovative design of heat spreader; also it adds the style and spirit of ROG, combining ROG logo and changing heat sink's colour into black& red. Moreover, the lightning effect becomes colour red to match the memory perfectly. We believe that ROG Raiden will bring a blast of frenzy to gamers and modders. DDR4 version will be released followed by the launch of Intel skylake platform 2015 Q3.

They also offer both an SATA3 SSD and PCI-Express SSD solution as shown in the photos, Unfortunately the spokes person spoke chinglish, and I was not able to understand her very well. Regardless, I think we should review a thing or two for this company as build would look beautiful, what do you guys think ?

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