Complete SSD failure: Dell and HPE release firmware against 40K hour bug

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A while ago we mentioned that certain HP SAS SSDs for servers from HP had an issue that would render them dead after 32K hours usage. Well, it is happening again but this time on the 40K hour usage marker. Dell and HP Enterprise are releasing updates today for a critical issue with SAS SSDs in servers.

Without the new firmware update the SAS SSD units will fail completely after a 40,000 hour runtime. The problem would not be related to a previous error. This problem is a different one from the one we reported before.  “After the SSD error occurs, neither the SSD nor the data can be restored, ” is warned. Firmware updates with the version number HPD7 were provided on Friday for the affected HPE-SAS SSDs, which will correct the problem. Since the error only occurred after 40,000 hours or 4 years, 206 days and 16 hours, this could happen to the affected HPE SSDs at the earliest in October 2020 due to the start of delivery at the end of 2015. Until then, there would still be time for a firmware update.

It is not known what the problem is related to, but it is clear that it is serious. If the update is not performed, the SSDs become completely unusable and cannot be recovered. The same applies to the data, which is then lost forever.


Dell models
LT0200MO LT0800MO LT0200WM
LT0400MO LT1600MO LT0400WM
HP Enterprise models
Model numberSKUProduct name
EK0800JVYPN 846430-B21 HPE 800GB 12G SAS WI-1 SFF SC SSD
EO1600JVYPP 846432-B21 HPE 1.6TB 12G SAS WI-1 SFF SC SSD
MK0800JVYPQ 846434-B21 HPE 800GB 12G SAS MU-1 SFF SC SSD
MO1600JVYPR 846436-B21 HPE 1.6TB 12G SAS MU-1 SFF SC SSD


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Complete SSD failure: Dell and HPE release firmware against 40K hour bug

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