Comparison of Nvidia Grace GH200 vs. Threadripper 7000: Linux Benchmark Analysis

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The review detailed a head-to-head comparison between Nvidia's Grace and AMD's Threadripper CPUs, particularly focusing on the performance of the Grace CPU against the Threadripper 7980X and Threadripper Pro 7995WX in a Linux environment. The testing platform was a workstation equipped with Nvidia's Grace-Hopper GH200, which includes both a Grace CPU and a Hopper-based H200 GPU.

Phoronix recently conducted a comprehensive comparison, pitting Nvidia's Grace server CPU against AMD's Threadripper 7980X and Threadripper Pro 7995WX processors through 39 Linux-based benchmarks. These tests were designed to assess the performance capabilities of the processors in various applications. Although Nvidia's Grace exhibited strong performance, it was marginally outperformed by AMD's Threadripper lineup in certain benchmarks.

Michael Larabel of Phoronix had remote access to a GH200 576 GB workstation for the benchmarks, highlighting the capabilities of the Grace CPU's 72 Arm Neoverse-V2 cores. Additional benchmarks were conducted to compare the CPU performance of the GH200 against AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series workstations.

The evaluation also included on-site tests with two Threadripper systems, an HP Z6 G5 A workstation and a semi-custom System76 Thelio Major build. The absence of a comparable Intel "Xeon W hardware" limited the comparison to Nvidia's Grace and AMD's high-end desktop (HEDT) processors.

All systems underwent testing under the same conditions, using Ubuntu 23.10 with the Linux 6.5 kernel and standard configurations. Phoronix's analysis showed that Nvidia's Grace CPU surpassed the Threadripper 7980X in 17 benchmarks and the 7995WX in 15, although these figures do not provide a complete picture of overall performance.

The Nvidia Grace CPU features 72 cores and 480GB of LPDDR5X memory and is based on the Arm architecture. It is important to note that Grace chips are available only in CPU-GPU combinations, like the GH200, whereas the Threadripper 7000 series offers various models with up to 1TB of DDR5 memory.

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