Chromebook 3110 with shockproof housing and drip-proof keyboard

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Dell unveiled the 11-inch Chromebook "Dell Chromebook 3110" series primarily intended for educational organizations.

The housing is fitted with rubber pieces on the side to absorb shock in the event of a drop and features an extremely durable hinge. As a result, it has acquired a level of robustness that allows it to endure drops from approximately 76 cm to approximately 122 cm on a steel plate and from approximately 76 cm to approximately 122 cm on plywood.

Additionally, the network includes a Wi-Fi 6 wireless LAN capability as standard, and LTE is available as an option for connectivity while away from home. Additionally, a large-capacity battery capable of continuous operation for 10 hours or more will be used, as well as a sealed, drip-proof keyboard.

3110 Dell Chromebook
The product lineup includes two models: the "Dell Chromebook 3110" notebook PC and the "Dell Chromebook 3110 2-in-1" convertible into flats, tents, tablets, and notebook PCs through a 360-degree rotating hinge.

Celeron N4500 or Celeron N5100 processor, 303.9 mm depth, 207.9 mm height, and a minimal weight of 1.28 kg for "Dell Chromebook 3110". The "Dell Chromebook 3110 2-in-1" measures 303.9 mm in width, 207.9 mm in depth, 21.5 mm in height, and weighs a minimum of 1.42 kg.

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