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Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of wired and wireless networking and network and direct attached storage solutions, today announced the launch of its LinkStation 400 Series of high performance network storage devices. Ideal for the novice to the tech enthusiast, the LinkStation 400 Series provides secure central storage and backup and offers an assortment of features, enabling consumers to organize and protect content, stream their favorite media and access files from any computer, smartphone and tablet device, at home or on the road.

Buffalo's LinkStation 400 Series provides up to 8 TB of ultra-fast shared storage and backup for all PC and Mac computers on a home network. Simply connect it to a wireless router for high capacity centralized storage and backup. Equipped with a high performance processor, the LinkStation 400 Series boasts transfer speeds up to 100 MB/s, nearly three times as fast as a standard NAS device. Additionally, it is DLNA Certified, it can be used as an iTunes server and it features an integrated BitTorrent Client for simplified media storage and streaming, and P2P sharing. While on the go, Buffalo's WebAccess service allows users to create a free personal cloud for easy remote access over the Internet, and even on smartphone and tablet devices. The LinkStation 400 Series allows users to back up multiple computers simultaneously and enjoy uninterrupted access to terabytes of storage anytime, anywhere.

"In today's digital world, personal files, photos and media have to be in one central location and easily accessible, or else that data is nearly impossible to maintain," said Hajime Nakai, chief executive officer at Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc. "LinkStation 400 neatly integrates into any home or small office network, helping users organize their content with reliable storage and backup, media streaming and simple P2P sharing with a free personal cloud service for remote access and mobile apps for on-the-go."
First unveiled at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, Buffalo's LinkStation 400 Series offers ultra-high performance network storage operation and features an upgraded processor for unsurpassable transfer speeds. In addition, its new user interface (UI) offers intuitive navigation and easy-to-use setup wizards. Touting an attractive matte-finish chassis, the LinkStation 400 Series is available in a single-drive, two-drive and easily scalable diskless enclosure.

While on the go, Buffalo's free WebAccess service allows consumers to create a personal cloud for easy remote access and file sharing with anyone, anywhere over the Internet. The LinkStation 400 with WebAccess enables terabytes of data to be securely stored on a home network, and with Buffalo's free WebAccess, consumers can quickly retrieve their data from any computer, tablet or smartphone device over the web. In addition, sharing is as easy as sending a link to friends and family; they can securely access only the files selected for them to see. For enhanced access on-the-go, Buffalo offers free WebAccess mobile apps for Apple and Android.

Pricing and Availability
The new LinkStation 400 Series is backed by a limited three-year warranty and includes toll-free U.S.-based technical support available 24/7.

  • The single-drive LinkStation 410 is available now at an MSRP of $229.99 for the 2 TB (LS410D0201), $259.99 for the 3 TB (LS410D0301) and $339.99 for the 4 TB model (LS410D0401).
  • The dual-drive LinkStation 420 is available now at an MSRP of $279.99 for the 2 TB (LS420D0202), $399.99 for the 4 TB (LS420D0202), $499.99 for the 6 TB (LS420D0602) and $699.99 for the 8 TB (LS420D0802).
  • The dual-bay LinkStation421e Diskless Enclosure (LS421DE) will be available in late June at an MSRP of $169.99.

For more information, visit the product pages of LinkStation 410LinkStation 420, and LinkStation 421e Diskless Enclosure.

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