BenQ (re)releases TH585 projector as suitable for watching games and videos

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BenQ announced the home use projector "TH585", suitable for games and video watching with low input delay, it will be available in the domestic market soon.

The product has been around for a while now so we're not sure as to if anything has changed, updated or upgraded. But it now is making an entry in several parts in the world, including Japan. This projector has a response time of 16ms. As a projector, there is little input delay, so it can display moving images such as console game machines and movies and sports without blurring. It also features BenQ's proprietary "enhanced game mode" that allows you to fine-tune the image and clearly show even dark and shadowy scenes.

The resolution is full HD, the brightness is 3,500 lumens, and the color gamut covers Rec. 709 95%. The screen size is 60 towards a whopping 200 inches, the projection distance is about 3.32m (100 type), "Digital lens shift" to adjust the height of the projection screen, and "Automatic vertical keystone correction" to adjust the image to an accurate square And other features.

Projection method is DLP, zoom is 1.1 times, contrast ratio is 10,000: 1, color reproducibility is about 1.07 billion colors, interface is D-Sub x 1, HDMI x 2, audio jack x 1, D-Sub output x 1, audio output jack x1, RS232Cx1, USB Type-Ax1, etc. It also has a built-in 10W speaker. The body size is 312mm wide, 225mm deep, 110mm high and weighs about 2.8kg. The noise level is 35dBA in standard time and 29dBA in economy. The price sits at 599 EUR/USD. 

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