BBC Interview with NVIDIA CEO

Graphics Cards 1673 Published by ImageBBC News had an interview with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang titled Not your typical CEO, you can read it over here. Below is a snip about Huang's vision for the future, he stated the PC has lost its magic but that he believes that GPU technology is going to bring back the type of innovation that will amaze people. 

Mr Huang imagines, like many, a future where gesture recognition, computer vision and security become a lot easier.

"The computer would simply know that it is me sitting in front of it. I wouldn't need to type in a password. It would know it's me based on what it sees of me, the way I am acting and talking.

"These kinds of capabilities are certainly within the next generation, because we have created a processor for the GPU that makes it possible to do parallel processing so much faster on a PC. We think this GPU technology is going to transform computing in a way that will bring back the magic to consumers."

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