Bad Company 2 Squad Deathmatch Dev Walkthrough

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EA released a new Bad Company 2 video today showing one of the new gamemodes called Squad Deathmatch. In Squad Deathmatch up to four squads with four players each take on each other in a race to 50 kills. The mode takes advantage of the series' spawn-to-squadleader feature to help keep your team together in the field. Bad Company 2 lands on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 2, with the PC version boasting various improvements over the console editions. FYI, Battlefield 1943 is slated for a PC release in the first quarter of 2010, having hit PS3 and 360 in July.

The mode, as I said, is called Squad Deathmatch and it plays as simply as it sounds. You and your squad have to be the first to get 50 kills (kill limits can be changed in the settings) by eradicating the opposition which consists of three other teams of four players (at its max). Aiding you -- or perhaps the other teams if they capitalize first -- is a vehicle specifically designed to eradicate soldiers on foot. It's the sole vehicle in this mode so capturing it is of the utmost importance. The maps that you'll find in Squad Deathmatch are specifically tailored to the mode, with certain areas designed to provide a strategic advantage to the vehicle while the opposite is true elsewhere. It's also cool that, depending on what multiplayer mode you select, you could get an entirely different portion of the map than you would in another game type. A map's total area can be up to 64 square kilometers and every piece will surely be used by one mode or another.

The map we were playing on, known as Laguna Presa, is home to gobs of lush greenery that seemed to pop off the screen a bit more than any of the colors in the first Bad Company. There are large shipping crates situated around the level that act as protective cover from the marauding tank that chops down soldiers. Laguna Presa also changes elevations quite often -- with both high ground and low ground -- and includes plenty of shrubbery which makes for an easy hiding place for snipers. Unlike other games, the camouflage in Bad Company 2 actually works pretty damn well. Just ask the knife in my character's back.

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