ASUS ROG RX 6900 XT LC Has a Boost Clock of 2525MHz

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ASUS recently introduced the Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card with a 240mm radiator all-in-one water cooling unit. It is a high-end model of "ROG-STRIX-LC-RX6900XT-O16G-GAMING" released in April this year. The game clock has been significantly increased from 2,135MHz to 2,375MHz and the boost clock has been significantly increased from 2,365MHz to 2,525MHz.

Others follow the conventional model, adopting a custom-designed cold plate for the water block for water cooling, cooling the GPU core and video memory together. It also has an air cooling system consisting of a blower fan for cooling the power supply circuit and a thin heat sink.

The main specifications are a memory speed of 16 Gbps, a memory bus width of 256 bits, and a GDDR6 16 GB video memory. The output interface is HDMI 2.1 x 1, DisplayPort 1.4 x 2, USB Type-C x 1, and it is also equipped with "ASUS FanConnect II" that can control the rotation speed of the fan according to the GPU.

Bus interface is PCI-Express4.0 (x16), auxiliary power connector is 8pin x3, card size is length 277mm, width 131mm, thickness 43.6mm, radiator size is width 120mm, depth 276mm, thickness 51.7mm (including fan) ..

expect a sales price of 2100 ex VAT, if you can even find one, and then at that price.

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