ASUS Releases BIOS Update for Enhanced Game Stability on Intel 13th and 14th Gen Processors

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ASUS has introduced a BIOS update designed to address game stability issues observed in Intel’s 13th and 14th generation processors. This update aims to rectify instabilities such as system crashes experienced during gameplay on various popular video games, including "Tekken 8," "Battlefield 2042," "Remnant 2," "Fortnite," "Lord of the Fallen," "Hogwarts Legacy," and "The Finals." These issues were noted even on systems with adequate memory and video memory, where players encountered error messages about insufficient memory. The stability problems have been linked to the BIOS settings, as well as the high clock frequencies and power consumption of Intel processors, which can lead to unexpected system behavior under heavy loads like gaming. In response to these challenges, motherboard manufacturers like ASUS and MSI, as well as PC builders such as Falcon Northwest, have developed solutions that mitigate these issues but may involve trade-offs.

The specific update by ASUS for the Z790 motherboard introduces a feature called "Intel Baseline Profile." This feature resets the CPU to Intel's factory default settings, thereby reducing power consumption limits and enhancing game stability.


This update represents a critical step towards ensuring smoother gaming experiences for users of Intel’s latest processor generations.

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