Asus Mars II Sneak Preview, Benchmark

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VR-Zone got some more info on the ASUS Mars II.

ASUS is known for taking the fastest graphics cards and making them even bigger and badder. Their last headline-grabbing attempt with a Nvidia GPU was back in 2009, when they released the dual-GTX 285 Mars.

This time round, ASUS has shoehorned two GTX 580s onto a single PCB to create the Mars II. Each GPU is clocked at 782MHz, making the Mars II even faster than the (already discontinued) GTX 590.

  GTX 580 GTX 590 Mars II
Core Clock 772MHz 607MHz 782MHz
Shader Clock 1544MHz 1215MHz 1564MHz
Memory Clock
Memory 1.5GB 2 x 1.5GB 2 x 1.5GB

ASUS has spared no expense here: the Mars II sports a sturdy metal shroud with two 120mm fans, and a metal backplate covers the entire rear.

However, the Mars II is considerably wider than usual, in addition to taking up three slots. Its dimensions are 13" x 6.2" x 2.5", so chances are that it will only fit into the very largest casings out there.

Three 8-pin PCIe connectors are required, and ASUS has also thrown in a 100% fan speed button. If you have too much money, you can even buy two of these and run them in quad-SLI. One NEC Proadlizer is used for each GPU.

Each GPU gets an 8-phase power delivery system, and each set of memory 2 phases, making for a total of 20 phases on a single PCB. To help cool this beast, each heatsink has four copper heatpipes.

Word has it that the Mars II will retail for a wallet-blowing S$2499 starting from late August. This is a limited edition card so only 999 units will be sold worldwide.


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